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The story behind G2C

If you are asking what does G2C stand for or where did that name come from, here is a quick story about how G2C Designs was started.

A good friend of mine from college was battling cancer, so we went to visit him in the hospital and he had mentioned to me how he always wanted to start his own agency/ business. We had always joked about our own business in school and work but never really took it seriously. As we were talking he mentioned how when he got out of the hospital he was planning on taking some business classes, he had some clients already lined up and he was really looking forward to getting it started. The only problem was now things had started to get worse and as strong as he was he didn't have a lot of fight left in him... but he had a LOT of fight in him and to this day I consider him one of the strongest people I have ever met! A few weeks later he was released from the hospital and things started to take a turn for the worse and I never really got to see him too much to talk about the business or even plan anything, this was around the same time we were planning a benefit art show for him with the help of Paier College of Art to raise money for all of his medical expenses and we had hopes of keeping his spirits up to keep him fighting through it.

I was able to visit him one last time before he passed but at this time he was in no condition to talk about our future business or even name it, he was also unable to make it to the Art Show which was huge success and we knew he was looking down at us with a big smile when he saw the huge turnout at the show. Gabe had lost his battle on 7-26-07 a little after 5pm.

So after the Art Show I started to think about the business again, for some reason it just popped into my head, G2C, and of course as Gabe would have it, the G was first. In April of 2008 G2C Designs was born, the abbreviation of Gabe 2 Chris, and I always look at it as he left it in my hands to make it successful.

Even though it has now been over 10 years since he was lost there isn't a day I do not think about him and what we would be doing.

There will probably never be a time that you will not see me with my "Everlasting Strength" bracelet on, its not a livestrong bracelet but is similar... This bracelet has a modified version of a logo Gabe was working on for his own website and the phrase Everlasting Strength on it to remember how strong he was during his battle, his life and just how he was as a person... those who knew him, know what I am talking about!

So now you know the story of G2C Designs